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Total Systems Toploader is a, metering, storing and processing machine that is highly suitable for handling bulk materials, bulk processing and mass storage. A Toploader can be used within different processes and for many different products, it has found its place in many different industries. Is Toploader also the ultimate solution for your company? 

Industries where Toploader is used

Both the single and the double Toploader find their place in the following industries:

  • Biogas production
  • Biomass production
  • Auto shredder
  • Power plants
  • Farming and horticulture
  • Food recycling
  • Transshipment companies
  • Tyre recycling

The patented Total Systems Toploader is the ultimate solution for mass storage and metering of bulk material!

Toploaderas an industry-wide solution

Its advanced technology makes for efficient processing for many different processes and products in a wide variety of industries. Whether it be storage, bulk processing or bulk material, Toploader always offers the best options for your business.  

Toploader features

Both the single and double Toploader by Total Systems are  metering devices for the automatic processing of bulk materials, bulk handling and mass storage of various residual and other materials in all types of industries. A Toploader features include efficiency, cost-effectiveness and practicability:

  • Dimensions can be adapted to your wishes 
  • Storage capacity up to 6 metres high
  • Variable length, optionally up to 7 metres wide
  • Processing capacity up to 150 m3 per hour
  • Lightweight construction
  • High reliability
  • No excessive wear and tear caused by dust and/or moisture
  • Competitively priced compared to WalkingFloor or Bandbunker
  • Energy-efficient compared to other material processing systems
  • Low operating costs

Total Systems Toploader: your benefits

The Toploader by Total Systems is available in a   single or double version. With a storage capacity of 6 metres height, variable length and a width of up to 7 metres, Toploader offers a throughput capacity of up to 150 m3 per hour. Whatever industry requires mass storage or bulk processing: Toploader offers the ultimate total solution!

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Whatever industry requires mass storage or bulk processing: Toploader offers the ultimate total solution!